Indoor Sports Area

Indoor Sports Area for Year-Round Activities

Pragyanam is committed to providing a comprehensive and uninterrupted sports education experience by incorporating an expansive indoor sports area. Recognizing the extreme weather conditions of Gurugram, we understand the importance of ensuring that our students have consistent access to sports facilities, irrespective of external factors. In the purposefully designed Indoor Sports Area at Pragyanam, students can engage in various sports within this climate-controlled haven, such as badminton, basketball, and table tennis. The badminton courts provide a canvas for swift and strategic movements, allowing players to refine their skills and strategies. Meanwhile, the basketball facilities offer a space for precision and teamwork, fostering an environment where students can continuously hone their abilities regardless of outside weather. Table tennis adds a layer of agility and reflex training, further enriching the array of sporting activities available within this indoor sanctuary.

More than just a shelter from the elements, our indoor sports area becomes a vibrant hub of activity throughout the year. Students can seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor sports, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted training regimen. Whether perfecting a serve on the badminton court, practicing three-point shots on the basketball court, or engaging in fast-paced table tennis rallies, our indoor sports area is a dynamic space where passion, skill, and resilience converge.