Our Leadership

Pragyanam: Where Knowledge Meets Innovation!

Nestled in the heart of Gurugram, Pragyanam isn’t just your average K-12 school. We’re a dynamic educational institution, brought to life by the visionary minds behind Footprints Childcare and powered by the FP Life Education Foundation, a registered entity under the Companies Act of 2013. Our journey began with a dream nurtured by the brilliance of IIT-IIM alumni, the same trailblazing group that gave life to Footprints Childcare. Just as Footprints revolutionized childcare, Pragyanam aims to redefine education. We believe that learning should be a thrilling adventure, and our mission is to unlock the boundless potential within every student.

What Differentiate Pragyanam's Curriculum

We've created a holistic curriculum and teaching approach for every child's development

We Are a Independent Day School Dedicated to Inspiring Excellence with a Purpose

We are the partnership among parents, teachers and facilitators, nurturing children in being champions of life, creating happiness, prosperity and satisfaction for all.

Over the past 10 years, Footprints has touched the lives of 35,000+ parents, nurturing young minds across 110+ centers in India. Building on this legacy, ‘Pragyanam,’ inspired by the Sanskrit word for wisdom and understanding, has been born. We firmly believe that education in the 21st century should transcend traditional boundaries. Our mission is to cultivate mindful, conscientious individuals who prioritize competence over competitiveness and seek a life filled with happiness and fulfillment. Pragyanam pioneers a ‘Life Skills-based Curriculum,’ where subjects are not just lessons but stepping stones towards holistic development. Our primary focus is on nurturing these essential life skills, and in doing so, we create an environment where learning is not just a destination but a profound and transformative journey. Pragyanam is dedicated to shaping the future, one mindful learner at a time.

Meet our Founders

Raj Singhal, an esteemed alumnus of IIT Delhi, serves as a vital bridge between curriculum and engaging activities that nurture essential life skills. He collaborates closely with teachers to develop innovative lesson plans that transform learning units into enjoyable experiences. Raj's vision is to create an environment where every learning opportunity promotes the growth of life skills. By incorporating international practices, such as seeking feedback from students on teacher performance, he ensures a dynamic and student-centric approach. Inspired by his own children, Raj understands the transformative power of fun and engaging education. His dedication to their growth and development sparked his passion for creating an educational institution that cultivates a love for learning. Raj's personal experiences as a parent continue to motivate him to foster a nurturing and stimulating environment at our school.

Ashish Aggarwal, an accomplished alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta, brings his expertise in safety and engagement to our school. He diligently oversees the security and well-being of every child, implementing robust safety protocols. Additionally, Ashish liaises with educational authorities, including CBSE and the Haryana Education Department, to ensure compliance and excellence in our institution. Motivated by his own child's educational journey, Ashish recognized the need for a transformative approach to education in India. He founded our school with a vision to create an environment that nurtures wise and resilient individuals capable of conquering life's challenges. Ashish's commitment to safety, engagement, and educational excellence shapes the core values of our institution, ensuring a holistic and empowering learning experience for all students.

Purvesh Sharma, a certified life coach and passionate education advocate, plays a pivotal role in enhancing parent engagement and teacher training. He meticulously plans parent engagement processes, fostering strong partnerships between families and the school community. Additionally, Purvesh leads insightful parenting workshops, empowering parents with valuable tools and strategies. His expertise extends to providing comprehensive teacher training in behavioral management techniques. Driven by the desire to bridge the gap between the education system and real-life skills, Purvesh draws inspiration from his own journey as a parent. Witnessing the challenges his son faces in the traditional education system motivated him to create an institution that prioritizes practical knowledge and holistic development. Purvesh's personal commitment to empowering parents, teachers, and students shapes the foundation of our school.

Head of School

Amita Bharadwaj

A Seasoned Educator, Amita has over 30 years of experience in education. She has successfully served diverse age groups across well respected brands. She has extensive experience with all age groups of children and has been heading Curriculum and Delivery for India's most loved pre-school chain, Footprints, for the last 10 Years. She is also one of the very few Highscope Curriculum certified trainers in India and a volunteer course-leader with Landmark Education – world’s largest training company.


Our Curriculum Cultivates Joy, and Together We Conquer Life's Journey inspired by the World Health Organization's 10 key life skills

Yatharth Verma

A graduate from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, Yatharth chose to pursue his passion and contribute towards education. Through the course of his Teach for India Fellowship, he worked to create impact at the grassroot level, leading a diverse range of projects within the school and outside. One of his most significant contributions has been as the founding member of the 3rd free English Medium Secondary School in Pune, through a successful public-private partnership. Post his TFI fellowship, Yatharth has majorly been teaching the international curriculums (IB & IGCSE) for Science, while taking on varied responsibilities at the school level. His last assignment was with Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon as a Maths & Physics educator for Middle and Senior School. Yatharth has also nurtured his own initiative for STEM education, leading a team of teachers and interns. He is a wellness enthusiast, a level-2 certified Yoga teacher with the Govt of India (AAYUSH ministry) and a voluntary faculty with the Art of Living Foundation. He has organized and conducted hundreds of programs, impacting thousands of people.