Parent Education

At Pragyanam, we understand that education goes beyond the classroom. It’s a collaborative effort between our educators, students, and parents. We organize selective events to strengthen this partnership and ensure parents have the resources to support their children’s growth.

Parenting Sessions at STEM Events

We are committed to providing holistic education and organizing dedicated parenting sessions during every STEM event. These sessions are led by industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s an opportunity for parents to delve into STEM education and understand how they can actively engage with and support their children on their educational journey.

Webinars on Relevant Topics

We believe parenting is an evolving process, and staying informed is critical. To cater to this need, Pragyanam hosts fortnightly webinars on a wide range of pertinent topics. These webinars are designed to empower parents with valuable insights, strategies, and practical tips for various aspects of parenting.

Some of the Topics we have Covered