Why Pragyanam?

‘Pragyanam’ means the highest form of wisdom or understanding in Sanskrit. Pragyanam offers a unique ‘No Limit Curriculum’; where each child is considered to be limitless in potential. The school is founded by IIT-IIM alumni, who also founded Footprints; the premier preschool chain in India. We aim to nurture life skills and make the child life ready. We propose to be a CBSE affiliated school.

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The school has been founded on the core belief that the objective of learning in the 21st century is to raise mindful, conscientious individuals who root for competence over competitiveness and aspire to live a life of happiness and fulfilment.

We wish to kindle a positive change in the country’s prevailing education system and be a school where children are inspired to be happy every day, living meaningful lives and creating value for themselves and for those around them.

No Limit Curriculum

Pragyanam’s curriculum creates an environment, free from the limiting beliefs of ‘limited abilities’; thus, empowering each child to explore and grow. Each component of N0-Limit Curriculum is about children discovering their own ‘No-Limitness’. The curriculum will provide a nurturing and stimulating space for children to learn and grow.

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Operating from a basic premise that every child can achieve whatever s/he wants to; the school environment provides a stimulating safe space; where each child can  discover the innate abilities and grow to be a ‘No limit’ adult. The focus is on attitudes, values and skills rather than on content and  grades. 

We offer high quality immersive experience, that goes beyond a set curriculum which will develop life skills and create happy and satisfied children. The school has a variety of learning spaces , activity areas and collaborative spaces.

Our class size is a maximum of 25 students. For Nursery and Kindergarten, there are 2 teachers to every section. Grade 1 onward, there are domain specific teachers in the class. The staff-student ratio of the school is 1:10, as there are additional teachers for specific subject areas.

The school will be affiliated with the CBSE board. While we understand the value of International Boards, the mainstream in India is the CBSE board. While following CBSE, we pursue the methods of learning prescribed by various successful curricula. Affiliating to International Boards increases costs for parents and also reduces options for them, therefore our decision to affiliate with the CBSE board while innovating on all other fronts.

- Art and Craft
- Dramatics
- Yoga 
- Dance
- Pottery and Sculpture 
- Makerspace

We provide air conditioned buses and cabs as transport. All our buses are GPS & CCTV enabled. However, parents can directly pick and drop their children if they so wish. Wherever allowed, the buses will drop children to the closest point possible. For specific pickup points, please discuss with transport department at the time of admission. 

Normal school hours are from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm [with an early exit option for Nursery and KG at 1.00 PM]. Beyond 3.30 PM, we offer daycare till 6:30 pm, with additional charges. During this time, children are supervised by trained Day care teachers who guide the children in a range of activities like creative arts, performing arts, sports etc.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Pragyanam is a K-12 school started by the founders of Footprints. Footprints is a pan India, daycare and preschool chain. While Footprints focuses on the early years, Pragyanam offers a world-class school system for K-12 education in India.

The founders of Pragyanam are: 

Purvesh Sharma: An IIT Delhi alumnus, Purvesh focusses on helping people lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, as a life coach. His vision includes revolutionising education, by creating life ready children, who grow to be happy and satisfied adults.

Raj Singhal: A father of twins and a seasoned entrepreneur Raj, is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. Amongst many of his laurels is his taking a software services firm to a 10 million turn over with 350 employees and 3 countries in 10 Years. He is passionate about transforming Indian Education Sector. As a Co-Founder and CEO of Footprints Childcare, he yearns towards creating world-class education facilities in India.

Ashish Aggarwal: He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta and the father of an 11-year old. Ashish firmly believes that Indian Education System is long due for transformation and our schools need to play a significant role in creating mature and wise individuals who can happily take on any challenges life throws at them.

The learning approach at Pragyanam aims to create effective lifelong learners that are comfortable with their own selves and the use of technology as it evolves. Pragyanam offers a transformational learning experience to students with the help of a robust and inventive academic curriculum called the NO LIMT curriculum. We believe that with the 10 W.H.O life skills can make every child no limit- that is she or he will be decisive, emotionally balanced and able to live a life of fulfilment — he or she will be a no limit human being.

There is no dearth to learning. Nature, animals, plants, natural phenomenon and people around have a lot to offer. It is all about our interface with these elements and what we make out of it. Pragyanam’s ‘No Limit Curriculum’ is an open curriculum: which uses this premise to support making the child’s experiences, richer.

A healthy mix of new and traditional methods would be used for effective delivery of No-Limit Curriculum.

A rigorous 3 months teachers training empowers the teachers to develop their learning designs based on age-specific, key child development learning indicators.

Admission Fees – INR 40,000/- 
Annual Fees – INR 40,000/- 
Security Deposit – INR 20,000 (Refundable)
Quarterly Tuition Fees – 35000*/40000**/55000***
Quarterly Food Fee – 10000*/12000/15000/**
All charges are published in the fee structure, we do not charge anything extra during the year. 

Sibling discount – 10% – all components except transport and food. 
Single Parent Discount – 10 % all components except transport and food. 
School Staff Discount – 40% all components except transport and food. 
Footprints & Franchise Staff discount – 20% all components except transport and food. 

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