Pragyanam PEP

About PEP

At Pragyanam School, we understand the importance of providing students with opportunities beyond the regular school day to further their holistic development. That’s why we offer an exceptional extended program called the Pragyanam Enrichment Program (PEP). Designed to nurture and develop life skills, PEP is a well-crafted and robust program that goes beyond simply managing children or helping them with their homework.

PEP runs from Monday through Friday, from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, providing an enriching and engaging experience for our students outside of regular school hours. During this time, students have the opportunity to delve into a focused and comprehensively designed curriculum that nurtures their life skills and allows them to explore their passions.

Building Friendships And Social Interactions

Gadget Free Time

Saves Parents Time and Effort

Away From Junk Food

Why Choose PEP?



Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Football, Skating, Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis, Basketball


Pottery nurtures patience, focus, and creative thinking in Children- It’s art with a twist.


Music, Dance and Montessori


Isn’t just about building machines; it’s about cultivating curiosity, problem-solving, and teamwork 


These are creativity workshops that nurture their Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking and Problem-solving


It’s play with a purpose ehich nurtures important life skills like problem-solving, emapthy and creative thinking in children


What is the fee structure?

It’s 6999 per month

What all will be covered?

50 min of Sports, 50 min of Arts, once a week session of Robotics/pottery/Marker Lab, Homework support, nap time and snacks.

Is Robotics available for all age groups?

No, it’s available from Grade 1.

Pre-Primary will replaced with Makers lab and Pottery.

Is it flexible?

yes, you can start and stop anytime but minimum is monthly.