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CBSE Affiliation

While we understand the value of international boards, the mainstream in India is still CBSE. By being affiliated with CBSE, we will adhere to the methods of learning prescribed by international boards. Affiliating with international boards increases costs for parents and limits their options. Therefore, we decided to remain with CBSE while innovating on all other fronts. We propose to be affiliated with CBSE in year 2024-2025.

CBSE Curriculum: An Internationally Recognized Curriculum

Nurturing academic, social, emotional, and physical development.

Encouraging critical thinking and innovation.

Preparing students for competitive exams and expanding their horizons.

Providing students with knowledge and skills for future success.

Recognized worldwide, creating opportunities worldwide.

Instilling values crucial for personal and global success.

Ensuring effective global communication is an invaluable world-stage skill.


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    What Makes Pragyanam the Best CBSE Board School in Gurgaon?

    Recognized as the ‘Best Emerging School in India’ by BW Education, Pragyanam is a Gurgaon-based Nursery to K-12 CBSE school, established by IIT-IIM alumni. Pragyanam is dedicated to fostering the comprehensive development of students through a curriculum recommended by the World Health Organization (W.H.O), emphasizing life skills. The school offers a blend of academic and non-academic activities carefully crafted to address the diverse developmental needs of its students. Pragyanam provides an enriching learning environment that cultivates independent thinking and empowers students to become champions of their own lives. Consequently, it is the school of choice for parents from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12 across all grade levels.


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    Why do parents choose CBSE Schools?

    CBSE schools offer an exceptional education by striking an ideal balance between traditional subjects and the essential skills required in today’s world. This curriculum actively fosters critical thinking and problem-solving, equipping students to tackle life’s challenges. CBSE’s global recognition ensures that if families relocate, their children’s education remains uninterrupted, opening doors to international opportunities. Furthermore, CBSE schools prepare students to excel in competitive exams and master English, a crucial skill in our interconnected world.

    What extracurricular activities are offered?

    The CBSE Board has earned international acclaim thanks to its rigorous educational standards and comprehensive curriculum. This global recognition means that students can smoothly navigate educational transitions across borders. Whether in India or exploring education abroad, CBSE’s worldwide recognition provides a trusted and esteemed platform for students to flourish in our increasingly interconnected world.

    Does the CBSE Syllabus remain consistent across all regions of India?

    Yes, the CBSE Syllabus remains consistent across all regions of India, ensuring uniformity in curriculum and examination standards. This consistency guarantees students access to the same high-quality education, regardless of their state or region. Whether you’re studying in Delhi, Mumbai, or any other part of India, the CBSE curriculum remains standardized, offering students a fair and equal educational experience.


    Hear From Our Pragyanam Community

    Pragyanam’s teachers are very experienced and well-trained.

    We found Pragyanam to be a very receptive and forward-looking school.

    They try to understand the problem rather than forcing on a situation