Pragyanam - The School with No Limits

Pragyanam is a CBSE affiliated school in Gurugram and offers a ‘No Limit Curriculum’.
At this school, we offer W.H.O. Life Skills such as Critical Thinking, Empathy, Communication, etc.

A no-limit person has no internally imposed limitations and they refuse to allow outsiders to place any limits on them.
Our ‘No-Limit Curriculum’ is about children discovering their own ‘No Limitless’. The curriculum will provide a nurturing and stimulating space for children to learn and grow.
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Your Child’s New Journey Begins with a Small Step


While most other schools are still focussed on learning, Pragyanam focus is on developing key life skills.

We have different spaces for individual study/reflection, indoor and outdoor study, small and large group activities, indoor and outdoor performance areas.

Our class size is a maximum of 25 students. For Nursery and Kindergarten, there are 2 teachers to every section. From class 1, there will be subject specific teachers in the class. The staff-student ratio of the school will be 1:10 as there are additional teachers for specific domains.

The School will be affiliated with the CBSE board. While we understand the value of international boards, the mainstream in India is still CBSE. Being affiliated to CBSE, we pursue the methods of learning prescribed by various successful curricula. Affiliating to international boards would have increased costs for parents and also reduced options for them - therefore our decision to remain with CBSE while innovating on all other fronts.

- Art and Craft
- Dramatics
- Yoga 
- Dance
- Pottery and Sculpture 
- Makerspace

We provide air conditioned buses and cabs as transport. However, parents can directly pick and drop their children if they so wish. Wherever possible, the buses will drop children to the closest point. For specific pickup points, please discuss with transport department at the time of admission. The buses we have are GPS-enabled and have lady attendants for secure pick and drop. Security of children is maintained at international levels in our school.

Normal School Hours are from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. After this, we offer daycare till 6:30 PM (charges extra). During this time, children are free to do any activity that interests them, for example, creative arts, performing arts, sports, doing research, homework support.

Admissions Open for Nursery to 5th Class only

Age 3+

As Of 31st Mar


Age 4+

As Of 31st Mar


Age 5+

As Of 31st Mar

Grade 1

Age 6+

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Grade 2

Age 7+

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Grade 3

Age 8+

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Grade 4

Age 9+

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Grade 5


Most frequent questions and answers

Pragyanam is the senior school started by the founders of Footprints. While Footprints focuses on the early years, Pragyanam will offer a world-class school system for K-12 education in India. The founders of Pragyanam are: 

Mr Raj Singhal: He is a seasoned entrepreneur and the father of 14-year old twins. An IIT Delhi alumnus, he is passionate about creating world-class education facilities in India. 

Mr Ashish Aggarwal: He is an alumnus of both IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta and the father of an 11-year old. A multidisciplinary executive, he is committed to creating a value-based organisation. 

Mr Purvesh Sharma: He is a life coach and the father of a 12-year-old. An IIT Delhi alumnus, he is focussed on helping people lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Our pedagogy approach is based on neurosciences – ensuring learning is effective (relevant, deep with long term retention). We focus on student work with real world connect – primarily projects that address an essential question; the process of completing the project covers selected parts of the curriculum, and is then publicly exhibited. This also embeds teamwork, higher order thinking skills into the curriculum. Most importantly, the learning approach at Pragyanam aims to create effective lifelong learners that are comfortable with their own selves and the use of technology as it evolves – to hit the ground running (when they graduate). Pragyanam offers a transformational learning experience to students with the help of a robust and inventive academic curriculum called the ​‘No-Limit Curriculum’​.

Students are given a problem/challenge to solve (e.g. what happened to the missing malaysian airlines flight) or a project to create (a public exhibition of egyptian artefacts).

In either approach, the students are guided through the curriculum bits (what they need to learn) in order to create the project or solve the problem. So for example in the MH137 problem, they will learn geography, atmospheric pressure, seas and oceans, distance, speed and velocity, fractions and percentages (no. of passengers vs capacity), buoyancy (archimedes) and so on. It is the pedagogy team that decides the minimum scope and depth of concepts to be covered in a particular problem – but children often go beyond. 

Don’t forget that a project is only a visible demonstration of “inter-related concepts” learnt, individual concepts are learnt using various other methods. 

Teachers are specially trained for 3 months in our methodology and philosophy before the start of the session. Apart from initial training, there will be ongoing training. 

We have specifically tied up with Stanford University for teacher training. A lot of research that has happened in improving instructional quality in teaching will be imparted to our teachers as part of this tie-up. 

Admission Fees – INR 40,000/-
Annual Fees – INR 40,000/-
Security Deposit – INR 20,000 (Refundable)
Quarterly Tuition Fees – 35000*/40000**/55000***
Quarterly Food Fee – 10000*/12000/15000/**
All charges are published in the fee structure, we do not charge anything extra during the year.


  • Sibling discount – 10% – all components except transport and food.
  • Single Parent Discount – 10 % all components except transport and food.
  • School Staff Discount – 40% all components except transport and food.
  • Footprints Parent discount- 50% discount on Admission and Security deposit.
  • Footprints & Franchise Staff discount – 40% on all components except transport and food. 
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