Dedicated Dance and Arts

Dedicated Dance, Arts, and Drama Rooms

At Pragyanam, we recognize the profound impact of artistic expression on the holistic development of our students. In our unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity, we have meticulously designed and dedicated specific spaces within our campus to celebrate the arts. The presence of dedicated dance, arts, and drama rooms is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of the arts in shaping well-rounded individuals.

The Dance Room at Pragyanam is a dynamic space where rhythmic movements and creative expressions converge. Equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and spacious flooring, this dedicated studio becomes a haven for students to explore various dance forms, from classical to contemporary. In the Arts Room, a vibrant atmosphere awaits students, filled with the smell of paint and the rustling of creativity. Stocked with diverse art supplies, this space becomes a canvas for imagination and self- expression. From painting and sketching to multimedia projects, students are encouraged to explore different artistic mediums, honing their skills and developing a keen aesthetic sensibility. The Drama Room at Pragyanam serves as a stage where the magic of storytelling comes to life. Equipped with props, costumes, and lighting facilities, this dedicated space becomes a dynamic arena for students to immerse themselves in drama and theatrical expression. Here, students develop acting skills and gain a profound understanding of collaboration, teamwork, and the transformative power of narrative. Our instructors encourage students to delve into movement's emotional and narrative dimensions, fostering technical proficiency and a profound connection between body and expression.