Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security and Facilities

At Pragyanam, the welfare of our students takes precedence, and our commitment to their safety is reflected in the comprehensive measures we've implemented. Our 24×7 security personnel, meticulously trained to handle diverse situations, serve as the initial defense, safeguarding our campus and creating a secure haven for learning. Their vigilant presence and adherence to the highest security standards establish a protective atmosphere that allows our students to focus on education without apprehensions.

In addition to physical security measures, we provide parents with a virtual connection through live CCTV access, offering real-time visibility into their child's educational journey. This innovative feature enables parents to observe classroom activities, common areas, and entry points, fostering transparency and building trust in our open collaboration with parents. Ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences, Pragyanam boasts a 100% power backup, guaranteeing seamlessness even in unforeseen circumstances or power outages. Our commitment extends beyond infrastructure to ongoing investment in staff training and development programs, ensuring our security personnel are well-versed in the latest safety protocols and emergency response procedures. This proactive approach reflects our dedication to evolving safety standards, creating an environment where learning flourishes unhindered by concerns.