Research shows that setting a daily routine can go a long way in improving your physical & mental health besides keeping your stress levels at bay. That said, can there be a one-size-fits-all approach that can work for everyone? While the answer to that is a no, since each student is an individual in their own right, there are certainly some healthy practices every student can benefit from. Let us look at an ideal daily routine for students:

1. Sleep in time

It is true that some of us may be morning people & others not so much, however, as students, we need to be up early to go to school. For the body & the brain to function optimally, it is important to get the needed hours of rest. It is therefore important for students to follow a routine where they sleep in time, to be able to wake up fresh. Being up late into the night & then having commitments during the day, will only tire your body. If you look around, you will hear most successful people talk about being early risers & how this habit has contributed to their success. In fact, a recent study also shows that students who woke up early in the morning got better results than those who stayed up late. Waking up well in time for your classes will also ensure that your anxiety levels are kept in check. You sure do not want to start the day by missing the school bus & the associated stress that comes with it, which can set the tone for your entire day.

Daily Routine For Students

2. Set Daily Goals

With the number of distractions that are available these days by way of social media & others, it is extremely easy to get waylaid. You may think of scrolling through your social media feed for a while and before you know it, it may turn into a few hours. It is important therefore to set daily goals for yourself & check your progress against it from time to time. A word of caution here- the idea is not to beat yourself down if you are unable to reach a particular day’s goal. It is important to realize that these should just act as good indicators for you.

What is necessary is to understand the importance of consistency. That way you will be able to accomplish more. Even challenging tasks can be tackled when they are broken down into smaller parts that are handled daily. Having dedicated study time every day, for example, ensures that you do not have to deal with a huge syllabus just before an exam. As a habit, working on the task that you find most challenging during your most productive time of the day also works best. Not only will it ensure that the task is completed efficiently, it will also ensure that the rest of your day is more productive.

3. Include a Healthy Diet in Daily Routine For Students

Another thing that needs to find a place in the daily routine for students is a healthy diet. It is also important to hydrate your body. In fact, drinking water first thing in the morning is known to kickstart your metabolism and also fuel your brain. Eating a healthy breakfast is also key. Students often skip this important meal in the interest of time. It is however required to replenish your body’s glucose levels after a long break & to give you a boost of energy that is needed to tackle the day ahead.

Overall the key is to avoid junk food and provide your body with the right nutrients that will give your body the right fuel for the many tasks that you need to undertake.

Healthy Diet in Daily Routine For Students

4. Making Time For Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle comes with a number of issues including but not limited to obesity. Setting aside time for exercise, on the other hand, not only keeps your body fit, but it also helps you face the day with that much more energy & strength. Additionally, exercise releases endorphins that help you feel good & take on the challenges of the day.

As far as possible, ensure you step out & also get some sun every day. Not only is it known to improve brain function it also enhances sleep quality.

5. Reduce Screen Time in Daily Routine For Students

Ensure you have a screen time schedule & that you do not overstep it. A good rule of thumb is to especially avoid using screens during meals or within an hour of bedtime. If you have a phone of your own, in order to ensure that you do not get distracted by those social media notifications ensure that your phone is on “ Focus Mode” during study hours. This will ensure that you study uninterrupted and when you do take breaks, those are guilt-free.

Screen Time in Daily Routine For Students

6. Practice Gratitude

While this may sound like frivolous advice, it is anything but that. Training your mind to focus on the good things in life can go a long way to keep you focused. In fact, this is one habit, which when developed early will stand you in good stead as you transition into adulthood. Keeping a gratitude journal & detailing things that you are grateful for during the day, is an extremely helpful exercise. In fact, a gratitude journal forces us to pay attention to things we might otherwise take for granted. That it causes a profound shift in our thinking, is a given!

To Sum Up

This day-to-day routine suggested by Pragyanam School, one of the top CBSE School in Gurgaon, when inculcated in your student life, will stand you in good stead throughout life. At Pragyanam School, in fact, we place a lot of emphasis on developing life skills that prepare children for the road ahead & self-discipline is certainly an extremely important skill as well as a marker for future success. It is said that discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishments. It is this self-discipline that helps students achieve targets that they set for themselves.

Here’s to success & happiness!

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