It is said that there are only two lasting things we can give to our children- roots & wings. Roots so that they are firmly grounded & wings so that they can fly and find newer horizons. These two aspects give the child the knowledge of belonging & the recognition of autonomy and can turn the child into a well-functioning & happy adult.

Giving the child strong roots involves giving them the right moral values that shape their character. Given the times when there are enough distractions & temptations on the way, it is these values that help the child stick to the right path and make the right decisions.

It goes without saying that early childhood is the right time to inculcate these values as they become a part of their character & stay with them well into adulthood.

Importance of Moral Values for Children

Some of the reasons why moral values in students are important for children include:

1. Help in Character Building

Values such as empathy, kindness, honesty & more, when instilled early, go a long way in shaping the character of the child. It is important that these values are not just preached but also that the child sees them in action in his or her growing up years, for them to make a lasting impact.

2. Act as a Compass

Given the many choices that present themselves to a growing child, these values act as a strong moral compass that helps the child differentiate right from wrong. The child is far less likely therefore to compromise on these values when different situations present themselves. With these values leading the way, it is also much more likely that the child stays strong through the many adversities of life.

3. Boost Self Confidence

Armed with the right values & confidence in the belief that they are following these values, the child also has a greater degree of self-confidence. Think of a situation where a child is being bullied by another! Armed with the importance of helping others, of not tolerating injustice, if the child helps the bullied child, the amount of confidence & happiness that he will generate for himself cannot be overstated.

How to Develop Moral Values

4. Transform Society

The only way to transform society is to instill moral values, one child at a time. Such children will put the needs of others before themselves and think of things from others’ perspectives before taking decisions. The cascading effect it will have on society as a whole over a period of time cannot be overstated.

How To Teach the Importance of Moral Values To Kids?

While teaching the importance of moral values is undisputed, the question remains that in a world that is looking for quick-fix answers, how does one ensure that the child picks up the right moral values? Here are some handy suggestions:

1. Be A Role Model

There is no better way for children to pick up these moral values than to see them in action. For example, no matter how much we teach children that they need to be grateful for what they have, they will learn this when they see gratitude being practiced around them. Therefore being appreciative of things that you have, is the best way to teach them this important life lesson. Gratitude & contentment will become second nature to them if they see adults around them focus on what they have as opposed to focusing on the lack.

Similarly sharing your experiences with the child, in an age-appropriate manner, is important for the child to pick up valuable life lessons. It is also important for the child to know that each decision comes with its own set of consequences. In fact, difficult as it may sound, you have to allow the child to go through the consequences of the choices they make. Over-the-top attempts to shield the child from any consequences of their actions will turn them into adults who will not be able to face real-life consequences.

2. Offer Appreciation

Each time that the child chooses right over wrong, it is important that his or her decision be lauded. Positive affirmation will go a long way in making these decisions a part of the child’s life. The next time, for example, you see your child sharing things with other children do stop to applaud the child. Small words of encouragement will reaffirm to the child that the path that he or she is taking is right. Importantly it will also fill them with a sense of self-worth.

3. Share Moral Stories

Telling them stories with strong moral lessons will help engrain these lessons in impressionable minds. These storytelling sessions will provide a number of coachable moments that you can make use of. Importantly there are likely to be a lot of fun moments together that will lead to improved bonding. Remember how they say connection before correction? It is the connection that you make with the child that will help you guide the child in the right direction. Similarly discussing scenarios with them to figure out what choices they will make can go a long way in building character.

A word of clarification here- by storytelling, one does not mean verbal storytelling alone. You could also use modern technology to your advantage & use videos or other social media stories where the strength of character has been displayed.

4. Choose the right school

It is important that the school that you choose for your child has a similar value system & places importance on moral values as well as life skills. Choosing the right school for your child’s admission will ensure that the child is filled with a sense of self-worth as well as with values like respecting others, having a sense of empathy & more.

To sum up

The time, energy & effort put into teaching the child the right values has a direct impact on the way they will behave as they progress to adulthood. That kids are like sponges is a well-established fact. It is we as adults who have to provide the right environment that children can soak up.

At Pragyanam, one of the best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon, endowing the children with a strong sense of self-worth as well as instilling moral values & important life skills is an important aspect of their education. Our aim is to prepare the children for the road, as opposed to preparing the road for the child.

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