Today we live in a world that actually runs on skills, you know. It’s not just about education anymore; to match up with the competition around, it’s very important to also have a gist or idea about the various life skills that help us in some or the other way in our day-to-day life. You might have heard of the quote by Stillman Brown, “these skills will change your life, yet somehow we are never formally taught them, but that changes now.”

We all need to learn skills, but the most important section that needs education on life skills so that we have skilled adults in the future is our country’s young population. Students today must understand the importance of learning life skills. It’s these skills that help students learn social-emotional learning, and it helps them build management, decision-making, and whatnot. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss those special life skills that every student should know. But wait, first, we need to understand what we actually mean by those skills.

What Do We Mean By Life Skills?

Basically, with this term skills or life skills, we collectively describe a set of skills that help students make the right decisions, make informed choices, critically analyze situations, social communication, and a lot more. Today, the top CBSE schools focus on these skill sets so that their students lead smoother transitions as they move toward being responsible adults. Now, it’s time to talk about those special life skills.

Important Life Skills Every Student Should Know:

1. Developing & Pursuing Vision For Life

As a student, you might have seen your friends being ahead in plans like they have a purpose, but you don’t. To be more like them, you need to learn to make your own vision. Start asking questions to yourself, like what you wish for your life and what are your future plans and start journaling it. If you have a vision, then it’s better to slowly and steadily work on it at least, commit to things, and do actionable exercises to reach your vision.

2. Understand The Meaning Of Self-Awareness

One of the first steps to improving a student’s life is to make them learn self-awareness. As a student, you need to be self-aware of what improvements you need to make in your life. Moreover, you should be motivated enough to make those changes. Without learning self-awareness, you won’t be able to identify the areas that can lead you to your personal growth.

3. Learn Time Management & Organization

As the saying goes, either you run the day, or the day runs you! Setting goals, dividing them down into smaller ones, and prioritizing work all improve productivity levels. Therefore time management and organizational skills are qualities that drive success. Students must manage their time for short-term and long-term goals, whether it is getting ready for school, finishing a school assignment, or meeting friends.

4. Communication Skills

Learning communication skills should be among the most prioritized skills for a student. In fact, many parents look for the best school for admission because they need to choose a school that can improve their children’s communication skills. It is a very important skill that makes students express their point of view to another person. From solving everyday problems to improving relationships, communication skills come in handy.

5. Ability To Feel & Understand Others

Understanding and feeling others is a life skill called Empathy, and it should be imbibed in every student from a very early age. This very skill helps a student learn what others are going through; it helps a student understand a person’s feelings. That’s because empathy help curates understanding relationships and a deeper understanding between people and helps students lead their way to long-lasting success.

6. Understand Money Related Things

Gone are the days when we used to think that students should learn about money management or anything related to finance only when they begin to earn. Today, it’s one of the most notable life skills every student should learn from a very little age. It is very important to make students prepare for financial decisions. This is one great skill that makes them learn how to save and invest so that they can reach their financial goals comfortably in the future.

7. Motivation Skills To Reach Achievement

This is one of the best skills a student should definitely learn because it helps you give your best in whatever thing you do. The motivation to improve and become better is very important among students. We all would agree to the fact that determination is the only factor that can drive a student to lead his way toward success.

8. Stress Management

It is not a hidden fact that as students move to higher classes, stress begins surrounding them a lot. There’s always increasing pressure. This stress arises as they now have to manage their studies and extracurricular activities, which directly affects their emotional well-being. Activities like managing a routine, breaking down everyday tasks, and taking time off from the routine are some of the ways to ease out stress.

9. Coping With Failure

Failure is a part of every student’s life and is hard for anyone. Students who have never had to deal with failure find themselves unable to cope as adults when they work on a project and it does not go the way it was planned. Therefore every student needs to learn and cope with failures and, most importantly, deal with them in a positive way. The better they learn to cope with it, the more flexible they will become in life.

10. Personal Skills

There are a set of basic personal skills from organizing things at home and cooking to cleaning. These personal skills also play a huge role in students’ life. These abilities will help kids gain self-confidence. They will also be better able to deal with stressful situations. They should learn how to communicate successfully. They should also be taught how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to sustain it.


So, now that you know these life skills, whether you are reading it as a teacher, parent, or as a student yourself, it’s time to begin working on them. After all, it’s these skills that will help you cope with the changes that life will bring upon you in the future. With these skills, students can have a fulfilling life and can easily win in all areas of life.

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