Come summer & the kids are super excited for a well-deserved break. Summer, however, is also the time that parents are worried about keeping their wards mentally & physically agile. In today’s milieu where screen time rules, your fears aren’t unfounded! After all, you don’t want your child glued to a screen throughout the break! Here are enough & more summer activities for school students that will add to the fun element of this long-awaited break.

1. Cool It

No better way to beat the summer heat as well as get some exercise than by enrolling your child in swimming classes. You can jump into the pool yourself too & have a great bonding time with your child as you all practice different strokes or just have oodles of fun together. The answer to what to do in summer vacation lies in this refreshing activity that leaves you wanting more! If swimming isn’t an option, you can think of simple ways to have fun with water while even getting some chores done- think washing your car together. That you may land up having a friendly water fight is a big possibility!

2. The family that cooks together stays together

Go ahead and cook up a storm in the kitchen as you bond over cooking the child’s favorite dish! That it will offer a number of coachable moments before you give in to gastronomical pleasures, is a given! From soul food to soul conversations, there is a lot that can happen over cooking a meal! In gifting the child a love for cooking you are also gifting a life skill!

3. Get Arty

There is no better indoor activity in scorching summer than getting creative with art & craft. Quilling, crochet, finger painting, DIY projects….the list is simply endless. The joy that the child will get in creating something will be priceless.

summer activities for kids

4. Karate or Kung Fu

There is no time like now to get your child’s self-defense skills up to speed. Think Karate, Taekwon-Do, or any such martial arts that are fun yet allow your child to build strength and stamina. How about you joining the classes too? It will be fun to try some techniques together and also work towards acquiring that coveted belt!

5. Read, Read, Read

What better time than a lazy summer afternoon to curl up on the couch with your favorite book? Summer vacations are the best time to introduce new authors to your child. Needless to say that this is one love that when developed early will stand the child in good stead as he navigates life. The time travel, lessons learned from various characters & more will provide succor to the child-like little else.

6. Connect with Nature

Temperature permitting, head out for that walk in the park, or go trekking! You could also take the child to a local nursery & buy some plants. Ensure that the child waters them & takes care of them. The joy of seeing them grow will be unparalleled. It is in building a relationship with nature early that you will ensure that the child lives responsibly and also turns towards nature in a “vacant or pensive” mood to provide the much-needed succor.

summer vacation activities for students

7. Travel

What better way to learn about not just new places & people but life itself, than through travel. Visit those mountains or beaches or simply take a road trip and acquaint your child with the many aspects of life. No better way for the child to step out of his or her comfort zone!

8. Summer Camps

Summer camps can be great places to make new friends as well as to learn several new activities. Choose a summer camp that offers activities that trigger the child’s imagination & helps him explore hitherto unexplored avenues.

The sky is the limit when it comes to summer vacation activities for students. Put on your thinking cap & transform this month into one whose memories will keep both you & your child going as life gets back into a routine. Here’s to oodles of fun, laughter & learning this summer!

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