Every student and every parent are familiar with Parent-Teacher Conferences. Usually, schools host such a meeting at least twice a year to discuss the progress and development of the students. Quite a few CBSE schools in Gurgaon especially lay focus on such conferences for a child’s overall development. But where is the importance of parent teacher meeting? After all, a parent and a teacher belong to two very different spheres of a child’s life, so why is a meeting between the two important? Here is why.

To Discuss the Social And Emotional Skills Of The Child/Student

Formal education sometimes misses out on laying emphasis on how important the development of social and emotional skills is in a person. By the pre-teenage years, a person develops a distinct personality, and the environment they thrive in helps to mould their behaviour. Their life at home affects their behaviour at school and vice-versa.

So, if a student is showing poor social skills, i.e., they seem to not have friends and remain aloof mostly, it may be a cause of concern. Therefore, to identify and rectify the situation, a parent and a teacher need to work together. More importantly, the case might be that the student in question is displaying poor emotional behaviour only at home or only at school or after coming home from school. In a parent teacher meeting, the two together discover a cause for this and help the child.

To Discuss the Student’s Educational Progress

This is especially important in the context of today’s online classes. The virtual learning platform is a world apart from real classrooms, and thus the learning experience is different. While children are quite smart with technology, how much they can acclimate themselves to online learning is still debatable. There may be a gap happening in the learning of many students. The importance of parent teacher meeting lies in addressing this gap.

Even in a real-life setting, a teacher and a parent coming together and discovering areas of weakness and strengths of a child can help them immensely.

To Recognize the Language Development of Students

Young children often like to relate stories of their school in their homes and vice versa. The duty of both a teacher and a parent is to identify this stage in the language development of their child. In a parent teacher meeting, the two parties should discuss the language skills of a student because how they use language also reflects on their intelligence.

School is the place a student learns new languages, so the ability to produce unique sentences in any language shows their IQ. This is, of course, applicable for nursery kids to pre-teens, i.e. till standard VII. The importance of parent teacher meeting lies in the fact that it helps to build a bridge between the two important facets of a student’s life.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

To Aid the Development of Cognitive Skills

The cognition of a child when they first start school is measured by how fast they are able to replicate words and sentences shown to them in writing or hearing. If a child who has started school in January is able to recognize their name in writing by, say, March or April, then that is impressive cognitive development. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon emphasize cognitive growth as a vital part of a child’s overall development. This is because it is one skill that will help them ace all areas of life- be it in math, English, science, art or music.

In later years, when a student gradually moves towards the teens, their cognitive ability is tested by seeing how much of an original response they can provide to questions asked. Since students spend a lot of their time in school, teachers can offer an insight on how to test their cognition at home as well.

Cbse School in Gugaon

To Discuss a Student’s Other Relevant Skills Such as Group Interaction, Personality Etc.

CBSE schools in Gurgaon and CBSE schools in general often observe the group skills of a student as it is important skill in life. A child that can work well in a group is considered to be doing better than someone who refuses to cooperate with groups. That being said, the ability to work alone in a completely independent manner is also considered impressive. Each child is different, and how they interact is also different and unique.

Planning and organizing parent-teacher meeting is fruitful in the sense that it facilitates communication between a child’s guardian at home and a child’s major caretaker at school. Both of these important figures in a child’s life can come together to discuss the development and progress in a parent teacher conference.

Last But Not Least,

In such a meeting, a parent gets to see the environment their child is growing up in and meet the people who are nurturing their child. This helps them be intimately involved in their child’s life which can be very important. This is precisely why CBSE schools in Gurgaon lay such importance on parent-teacher conferences. Finding points to discuss in Parents Teacher meetings and sharing the progress of a child helps to keep both sides updated. The end goal, after all, is the betterment of the student. This is where the importance of parent teacher meeting lies.

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