Immunity in School Kids

Being a parent, it’s pretty normal that you become worried about your child’s health. You must be wondering what the best ways to keep children healthy and fit are. What can you do to strengthen your child’s immunity? Well, there is no magic supplement for it. The best thing parents like you can do is to teach some healthy habits to your little one. In fact, nutritionists and teachers in Schools in Gurgaon and other places also think the same.

Some of these healthy habits can be – getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, sanitizing hands and washing mouth etc. To know how to increase immune system in kids, stay with us till the end.

1. Serve Healthy Food

A child with weak immune system needs special attention and care. Serve your kid enough vegetables and fruits. Vibrant coloured vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, green bean, carrots etc., are rich in antioxidants. Also, fruits like citrus and oranges are rich in vitamin C, and they boost the immune system. These vegetables and fruits work as a barrier against infections.

Adding leafy vegetables such as spinach to the diet chart of your little one can be beneficial for him or her. Iron-rich spinach helps in white blood cell production. Also, don’t forget to add eggs and fatty acid-rich grains, nuts, beans and seeds. Eggs are a great protein source. Junk foods and sugary foods should be avoided.

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2. Workout with Him or Her

Regular exercise can benefit children in several ways. An hour of exercise daily keeps kids active. It’s a good habit for both kids and adults. You can expect the following benefits from daily exercise – strong bones and muscles, healthy weight, and a strong immune system.

Aerobic exercise like cycling, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, running, walking etc., can be fun for both parents and school kids. Teachers at schools in Gurgaon also support these fun activities and encourage children to participate in sports.

3. Get Your Child a Good Night’s Sleep

So, why is getting a good night’s sleep important for kids? As per studies, children who sleep 10 to 14 hours a day have good mental and physical health. Getting adequate sleep daily improves their memory and concentration. Also, studies showed that a child’s immunity could be affected due to lack of sleep and sleep deprivation. If your kid fails to get adequate sleep, he or she is likely to get sick frequently. So, to reduce this risk, make sure that your school kid gets enough sleep time every day.

4. Pay Attention to Mental Health

If you are looking for the best immune booster for kids, then you are just in the right place. Well, there can be several reasons for a kid having a weak immune system. Anxiety, stress, depression – overall poor mental health can impact the immunity system of children negatively.

Stress can make your child more prone to infection. To keep your kid happy and stress-free, spend ample time with him or her. Talk to your kid open-mindedly and let him or her express his or her thoughts without hesitation. Both parents and teachers in schools in Gurgaon should pay attention to students’ mental health. If you have concerns about the kid’s emotional health, consider seeking professional health.

5. Get Routine Check-ups and Vaccinated

Wondering how to boost immune system of your kid? The best thing to do is to teach some good habits to him or her and take care of his or her health. Getting routine health check-ups is undoubtedly one of the major steps towards a healthy lifestyle. To keep him or her disease-free and boost the immune system, ensure that he or she gets routine check-ups and is vaccinated.

6. Teach Good Hygiene Habits

You don’t have to worry about your child’s immunity when you teach him or her some good hygiene habits. Some simple habits like sanitizing hands before eating, washing mouth before and after meals, using the toilet properly can be helpful when it comes to keeping germs and infections away.

7. Say No to Secondhand Smoke

Do you or your spouse smoke regularly? Before you start smoking cigarettes in front of your kid, think twice. Passive smoking can cause breathing problems in children who breathe at a faster rate than adults. Also, the toxins from cigarettes can kill the healthy cells of your little one. If you are worried about your child’s health and looking for a kids immunity booster, it’s high time to quit your smoking habit. In this way, you can maintain a smoke-free environment at home.

Teaching your child some healthy habits, providing healthy food and maintaining a good environment – all these go a long way when it comes to strengthening a child’s immunity. Love, attention and care are necessary to maintain good emotional health. Kids should feel safe at home and in schools. So, just take care of his or her both mental and physical health and help him or her grow today. Happy Parenting Moms and Dads!

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