Why Pragyanam School Is The Ideal Choice For Holistic Education

Today, almost every parent is searching for a holistic education institute to develop their children. Therefore, Pragyanam, the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, takes up the mantle of imparting holistic education.

It is difficult to find such schools in India, where attention solely lies on a child’s development. That is why the school has gained massive popularity within three years.

Before that, we need to understand holistic education. It is a type of education that recognizes the importance of a student’s emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development.

Even with the New Education Policy of 2020, India focuses on bringing a holistic study method to promote social responsibilities and humanitarian values. It is considered a significant step in nurturing a child academically and socially.

Hence, we can understand holistic understanding after all the necessary items your child requires to grow into a healthy person.

It is a popular concept in the West, but Pragyanam has entered the stage to offer value to parents by developing confident and healthy children in India.

So, Let us know –

Why Pragyanam?

Pragyanam is fairly new in the domain of Indian education, yet it gained massive popularity due to teaching methods and curriculums. To put it in a word, they are “different” from CBSE schools in the country.

Pragyanam, a Sanskrit word meaning wisdom, is the self. Thus, highlighting the school’s mission and vision, which is a student’s development. Therefore, they introduce life skilled based curriculums to nurture children of different ages.

It is because they believe it is the best way to meet the emotional and physical demands required to develop a child.

Within its three years of existence, it was led by an alumnus of IIT. The school found itself among the Best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon.

Further, the school aims to teach subjects as a medium to develop skills.

Pragyanam School

So, the question arises –

What Is So Different About Pragyanam?

As discussed earlier, Pragyanam seeks to develop students holistically and create healthy humans for a better future.

It is mainly because they offer students different teaching methods, making learning fun and interesting. Here is why –

Life Skill-Based Curriculum

A successful student cannot be restricted to good grades. Rather it is their preparation for the road ahead. It is stepping out of schools, entering the employment market, and forming relationships.

Therefore, Pragyanam aims to introduce a life skill-based approach to hone and develop different interpersonal skills of a student. It will help them meet the expectation of academics and form connections with others.

The school follows the direction of WHO’s ten life skills, which are –

● Self-awareness
● Creative thinking
● Coping with stress
● Empathy
● Decision-making
● Critical thinking
● Problem-solving
● Effective communication
● Interpersonal relationships
● Coping with emotions

This way, children fulfill their potential and achieve greater success in school and life.

Therefore, teachers at Pragyanam go through intensive training for six weeks. It is to equip themselves with the tools and needs of approach. Further, the method also undertakes a personal transformation for teachers.

Focusing On Developing Better People

Pragyanam not only offers lessons for different subjects but also offers great sporting facilities for students. It helps students to identify their passion as well as physical development.

These facilities have created state-level athletes, where students have brought numerous gold by competing with other school students. Pragyanam has entered prestigious sporting events in Delhi and made a name for themselves.

Also, in the olympiad segment around Delhi, students of Pragyanam showcased their creativity and problem-solving ability by winning different science olympiads.

This highlights the school’s progress in developing students by addressing their interest in different subjects and sports.

Additionally, the teachers play along with a child’s enthusiasm by acknowledging their interest and providing a space to fulfill that interest.

physical development of Students

Extended Day Facilities

Pragyanam, as a school, understands the needs and demands of modern-day parents.

Today, almost every other parent is a working parent. Therefore it is only possible to meet some of the expectations of a child, such as going to the movies or participating in cultural activities.

Hence, to meet the demands, Pragyanam has extended its day facilities by adding theater, visual arts, dance, music, reading, and physical education to keep a child busy.

These activities come under the Pragyanam Enrichment Program, where students are safe to participate in the following facilities.

Pragyanam Enrichment Program

Teachers Development

A school is a good place to study if it has great teachers who can mentor children into better humans.

Thus, Pragyanam follows the rule of recruiting high-quality teachers for the schools to develop students. The school administrators do not stop at this. They also create programs for the professional development of teachers.

The school looks to groom teachers by introducing different training programs where they can continue professional development.

This has the highest retention rate of teachers across schools in Delhi.

Teachers Development

Personalized Attention

In most CBSE schools in India, teachers can’t give personalized attention to students. It is because every class has an average attendance of 50 to 60 students. Therefore, some students learn and develop more than others.

Pragyanam is different, where IIT alums have ensured that every student gets personalized attention. Thus, making learning accessible to all students.

Further, the school looks after the student’s dietary needs and offers nutritious meals to young children. Offering healthy food is central to the philosophy of Pragyanam.

Besides this, the school has food items on its menu, ensuring all food groups can eat in the school.

Even students are also healthy habits by promoting zero wastage of food practices to understand and value the importance of food.

This attention to detail makes Pragyanam the Best CBSE School in Gurgaon.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, after understanding the amenities and facilities that Pragyanam offers. It is safe to say that it is the best school for admission.

Your child will get all the support and care it needs to develop themselves. Following this, the schools aim to look after a student’s physical and emotional development through outdoor activities and the learning process.

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