The Role of Teachers in Shaping The Students’ Futures During Academic Years

Even before a structured education system existed in India, teachers held a greater position than parents. Teachers are considered the deciding factors for a child’s growth, which is the motto of the best CBSE school in Gurgaon.

Since the Vedic ages, the guru or teachers took the mantle of training and developing a child. Children learned philosophy, political science, economics, history, and literature, ensuring they could think of themselves.

Even Kabir, in his poems, mentioned how a guru begins the path of truth and knowledge. He is the one who takes a student from darkness to light by showcasing facts. Therefore, he mentions that a teacher is key to unlocking mysteries of existence.

Thus, highlighting the fact teachers have an important role in a student’s life. The right teacher will help students come up with the right ideas and thoughts and help them look into the world differently.

Therefore, it is important to understand –

The Role Of A Teacher in Student’s Life

As discussed earlier, Indian traditions emphasize teachers and their role in society. It does not exist just to educate children but also to develop individuals that can contribute to the greater good of the community.

In this country, teachers have to develop and create new states, from Chanakya to Henry Vivian Derozio to Vidyasagar and many more. All these people have led revolutions to change society, and their ideas reflect through students. Teachers refer to the expert who can impart knowledge to a child. It further elaborates on identifying and developing skills that will help them meet life’s challenges.

The role of a teacher exceeds imparting knowledge and moral values to enhance student development. Thus, a teacher is a person that is responsible for teaching and developing a

Hence, it is clear a guru can give you meaning in life. Let us discuss the role of teachers in nurturing students –

Imparting Knowledge

The first and foremost role of a teacher is to impart knowledge. They are responsible for setting the curriculum with certain guidelines to teach them the values and morals required for academic life.

Further, gurus also teach certain subjects like literature, science, and social science to understand the realities of the state. Thus, facilitating a chain through which they can impart knowledge to future students.

For example, in the Vedic period, gurus used to impart knowledge verbally through lectures. This is later changed into a structured way, with written methods, lessons, and exams to understand subjects clearly.

Also, today some specific teachers teach particular subjects. Thus, showing how the process of education has entered modernism. This way, the process of knowledge becomes more refined and pure.

Today, teachers offer various resources, from digital to books, to help students learn about and excel in a subject. Even the best school in Gurgaon follows a similar process.

Creating Classroom Environment

Teachers are responsible for setting the classroom environment. As they are in control of the setting, therefore they set the rules and guidelines for children.

A student can develop better if the class allows them to speak their mind freely. You might see them when teachers provide practical education through different models and experiments. Students gain more knowledge.

Further, teachers are responsible for the social behavior in the class. It is how they prepare themselves that is reflected in the class and students. For example, if a teacher is warm and greets students warmly, then learning becomes fun and easy.

Moreover, if a teacher is angry, the mood of the classroom will be negative. Thus, low acceptance and development of student’s knowledge.

Thus, a teacher must be warm and engage with students to create a positive classroom environment. This way, they can develop their communication skills and interest in specific subjects. Further, things like self-confidence and esteem of a student are created.

It is the first step in creating leaders, reflecting the goal of the Best School in Gurgaon. They want to create an interactive classroom to groom children for a better future.

Role Modeling

As discussed, the teacher’s job is to impart knowledge, and they teach, communicate with other students, and make them inherently role models for students.

All the great leaders of India had their teachers as their role models. It is because they considered them to be wise and knowledgeable. Just like Mahatma Gandhi took inspiration from Gopal Krishna Gokhale, as he was one of the finest gurus in the pre-independence era.

Further, students in the early 19th century Calcutta considered Derozio, a role model for young students. He inspired the Young Bengal Movement through his poems and helped students to fight against social evils.

He was engaging and communicated with students on a deeper level. This highlights the teachers becoming role models for their teaching and warmth, love, and care toward students.

Poor thinking skills and self-reflection are a few puzzles that teachers need to solve. This is by building a child’s self-esteem and making them believe in themselves.

These life-changing things often make a teacher a role model to a student.

Thus, proving the proverb that there are no bad students but teachers who failed to develop your interest in the subject.


Mentoring is one of the natural roles taken up by teachers in developing students. They instruct a child’s dos and don’ts to help them understand life’s existing realities.

You see, most students are like the plaster of Paris. The way a teacher will mentor a child will guide their future path.

A teacher’s role is to provide students with valuable knowledge so they become employable for the future market. This is through identifying the strength and weaknesses of children and offering them care and support.

They are responsible for providing individualized guidance to students and putting them under a strict curriculum. This way, a child can learn and expand their knowledge and expertise and progress in the academic field.

Even during school admission in Gurgaon, schools specifically focus on monitoring children to become future leaders. They build their foundation on teaching and developing students through proper learning mechanisms and mentoring.

Signs Of Trouble

Another role a teacher plays is jumping to signs of trouble and protecting students.

One of the popular sins that occur in schools is bullying. This can harm a student. It can destroy their self-confidence and communication skills.

Therefore, the role of the teacher becomes obvious, as they can mitigate the issue and promote a student’s mental and physical well-being.

For this, teachers must follow faculty rules and regulations and find the best possible solution to prevent bullying or physical abuse. Guru must provide a safe space for students to develop their emotional and mental strength.

This will help not only in their academics but also in their employment field.

Thus, adhering to the fact, a teacher must offer holistic development guidelines to a student. From strengthening soft skills to academics, they should develop a child to meet future challenges in life.

To sum up

In the end, we can conclude today’s segment by saying that teachers are the focal point of developing a child. Therefore, during school admission in Gurgaon, teachers communicate with parents and set their academic plans.
Therefore, your child is one good teacher away from excelling in life.

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