In today’s era, where breaking away from screens proves challenging for children and adults, finding engaging activities for your brain is crucial. That’s why we’ve curated this entertaining list of questions for you to explore with your child. Whether you label them as trick questions or brain teasers, they are designed to stimulate creative thinking. The shared laughter as you navigate these questions will significantly strengthen your bond. So, let’s dive in—brace yourself for smiles and the joy of anticipating your child’s reactions. 1. Now, if you’ve been beckoning your child for a while, and they promise to come in two minutes but never quite make it, this question will surely add an extra layer of amusement! Here is the question:

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What Is Always Coming but Never Arrives?

The answer: Tomorrow

Pro tip- Do not give out the answer immediately. The fun is in trying to guess the answer and exploring different options. 2. So, the child is heartbroken about something, and you have been doing your best to explain to them how it is a part of life? Well, you need some humor at the end of an emotional session. How about this question:

What Cannot Be Used Until It Is Broken?

The answer: A Coconut

You sure will notice a complete change in the vibe as you giggle together! 3. Here is a Googly question that would get the child thinking. You can rest assured that if the child has been studying about the Green House effect, they may think they need to refer to their science lesson. Their eyes are sure to light up when they hear the answer. Here is the question:

A Blue House Has Blue Bricks; A Yellow House Has Yellow Bricks. What Is A Green House Made Of?

The answer: Glass, of course!

4. The next time you are having a discussion with your child about a particular dress that they do not want to wear, throw in this question:

What Type of Dress Can Never Be Worn?

The answer: Address

5. If the discussion has veered towards secrets and how they should or should not be kept, try this question to lighten the discussion:

If I Have It, I Don’t Share It. If I Share It, I Don’t Have It. What Is It?

The answer: A secret

6. This question is sure to have the child exerting his or her brain cells:

I’m Where Yesterday Follows Today, And Tomorrow Is in The Middle. What Am I?

The answer: A Dictionary

7. Speaking of dictionaries, this question is also a lot of fun. If done right, it can offer you a coaching moment to make an important point. The question:

Which is the only place where Success comes before Work?

The answer: A Dictionary, once again!

8. If you have been talking about how technology has changed lives and how there was this great charm of receiving handwritten letters earlier, try this question:

What is a seven-letter word that contains thousands of letters?

The answer: The Mailbox

9. To beat the power struggles that may be a part of meals, try this question:

What Are the Two Things That We Can’t Eat Before Breakfast?

The answer: Lunch and dinner

10. We sure love dictionaries so here is another one!

What Word Is Misspelled in Every Dictionary?

The answer: The word incorrectly, of course!

11. Now, when you pose this question, you may see the child come up with several answers. Here is one of them; feel free to add more.

What Goes Up but Never Ever Comes Down?

The answer: Age

12. So, the child is upset about not standing first in that race? Here is a question to perk him up:

How Do You Make the Number One Disappear?

The answer: Add a ‘G,’ and it’s gone…there you go, disappeared!

13. If the child has been diligently studying odd and even numbers, it is time for some fun. Here is a trick question:

I Am an Odd Number. Take Away One Letter, And I Become Even. What Number Am I?

The answer: The number Seven!

Here is yet another math question.

Why Is the Math Book Sad?

The answer: Because it has problems.

15. Here is one more question that will send the brain cells ticking.

What Belongs to You but Gets Used by Everyone Else More Than You?

The answer: Your name

16. The lesson on English spelling needs to end with some fun and games. So here goes:

What English Word Retains the Same Pronunciation, Even After You Take Away Four Of Its Five Letters?

The answer: Queue

17. Rainy weather calls for questions related to rain. Here is one:

What Goes Up as Soon as The Rain Comes Down?

The answer: An umbrella

18. Remember we asked a question related to the mailbox earlier. Here is another related one.

What Travels the World While Stuck in One Spot?

The answer: A stamp

Pro tip- This could lead you to discuss different kinds of stamps, philately as a hobby, and more. 19. If the child has been studying physics and requires a well-deserved break, here is a fun question.

What Moves Faster: Heat Or Cold?

The answer: Heat. Why? because you can always catch a cold, of course.

20. Here’s one last one that will add the laughs to a gloomy day.

What Kind of Umbrella Do Most People Carry on A Rainy Day?

Answer: A wet one, of course!

There you go. With these fun questions you sure will have a great time with your child. Pro tip- Ensure you have more questions, as the child will now get used to these fun sessions! For more fun yet informative content, keep watching this space. At Pragyanam, the top CBSE school in Gurgaon, we aim to pique curiosity in our students, so they remain lifelong learners!

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