These days many activities are being conducted online because of how convenient it is. This also includes education. Mobile phones for students have become an indispensable part of their education because of this very reason. The things that were conveyed in class earlier during in-person classes can be easily conveyed through text on the phone. That said, the debate remains as to whether a mobile phone is good or bad for students, because not just for educative purposes, a mobile phone is a student’s window to the vast world of the internet, which more often than not may distract the student from their studies.

If you are a parent thinking about school admission for your child, then this might be worth your attention.

Everything has its pros and cons. Let’s dig deeper to know the major advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones:


Phones and the Use of the Internet for Study Purposes

This is probably the most important advantage of using mobile phones for students. They can access the web and learn new things. Explanations and lessons for every subject are available online, which can be easily availed with a few clicks on the phone.

Easy Connection Between Students and Their Guardians

Mobile phones for students are an unavoidable thing in the modern era because of the busy lives of people. Without having to be physically present, parents and guardians can contact their children and keep track of their activities. This way, parents can rest assured about their children. Children can also easily contact their parents in times of emergency.

advantages of mobile phones

Seamless Communication Between Students and Teachers

If you are a parent looking for school admission for your child, then a question must have crossed your mind. How easily are the teachers accessible to the students? Because the availability of a teacher is very important for a student to learn new things. A student having a mobile phone makes it easier for them to contact the teachers and even the other way round. This enhances coordination between students and teachers.

Source of Entertainment

Another advantage of having mobile phones for students is that students can relieve stress using their phones in the form of music and games. This is, of course, a gateway for distraction from studies, but if done responsibly, then students can take little breaks from their studies now and then to listen to music or play games and relax.

Now let us look at some of the disadvantages of mobile phones for students


Addicted To the Phone

One of the most commonly quoted disadvantages of mobile phones for children is the fact they get addicted to the phone. We have to remember that school students are after-all children and are almost always stressed with studies and extracurricular activities. This is why when they get hold of a phone, they get immersed in it. This habit sometimes gets so bad that students start ignoring studies to get back to their phones as soon as possible.

Getting Overly Dependent on Mobile Phones

While the perks of using mobile phones for students are many, there is a downside as well. Students often start relying on their mobile phones for activities that they could do well on their own. This includes simple tasks like basic calculations, for they may use the phone’s calculator app. Or, at times, they may not remember the answer to a quiz prompting them to look it up online which should have been studied and memorized.

Reducing Physical Activity of The Student

If we look back to the time when mobile phones were still not so deeply intertwined with our everyday needs, we will see that students used many physical activities to take a break from their studies. These days, however, 4 out 8 students are more likely to stay indoors and use their phones to kill time. The mobile phone essentially brings the entire world into the palm of one’s hand, and thus children stay more and more glued to their mobile phone screens instead of engaging in sports or any social activities.

Exposure To Explicit Content on The World Wide Web

This is one of the most harmful disadvantages of using mobile phones for students. The internet is filled with explicit things, ranging from offensive to gory content. While some phones can be externally controlled with a parental lock, many phones don’t have this feature, and students can easily access such stuff. Children are curious creatures, and it is natural for them to pursue things they haven’t seen before. In most cases, children end up seeing things they should not have at that tender age.


Very few things in the world have only pros without any cons. Mobile phones for students, similarly, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how the good part of a mobile phone is utilized while avoiding the bad part. As a parent looking for school admission in Gurgaon, it is natural to be worried about unrestricted usage of phones by students. That being said, whether your child is getting exposed to the disadvantages of a mobile phone depends on your vigilance.


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