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Does studying make you feel sleepy? You are not alone, don’t worry. It is very normal to feel sleepy after a few hours of studying hard because your mind absorbs a lot. It is not good to study for hours continuously throughout the year, but when you have examinations, you have a full course of revising. This is why long hours of study is essential. But how to study for a long time? Well, here are a few good tips from the best CBSE school in Gurgaon for all the students.

1. Ditch The Mobile Phone

The first one of the best tips to study for long hours in today’s era is to completely ditch your mobile phone and everything else that distracts your focus. Though mobile phones are a great way when it comes to acquiring knowledge, they are very distracting. Instead, you should keep handy notes to study and, if required, use a computer or laptop.

2. Set Your Study Hour Target and Break It Accordingly

Do you wonder what are the maximum hours one can study in a day? Well, it depends on a person’s capacity. But Pragyanam School always recommends that you should set your target. Take some short breaks and do some relaxing activities.

Your body may be exhausted from sitting for hours, and hence, you should choose light activities to keep your body active and de-stress your mind. This is one of the best tips to concentrate on studies for long hours. You can do any relaxing activity after each topic completion. Take a walk, play some outdoor games for a few minutes, take a nap, talk to a friend or just meditate.

3. Try the Best Positions to Study for Long Hours

The position makes a great deal in keeping you working for long hours.

  • Some students study in sleeping positions and eventually fall asleep. So, avoid it.
  • Some sit in uncomfortable positions making their body feel numb. This is not a good position at all.  
  • It is always good to sit straight when you study. It helps you in studying with focus. However, you can keep changing positions.
  • You can also choose to sit on the floor with your legs folded.

Also, change your room if you are studying for long hours. However, do not choose a place that distracts you.

4. Watch Your Diet

Do not think much about food when you are studying but when you plan long hours of study, plan your diet in advance.

  • The first rule of studying for long hours is to avoid overeating. It will make you uncomfortable and sleepy.
  • Always take small meals at regular intervals.
  • Drinking a good amount of water will keep you fresh all the time.
  • Also, include fruits and milk in your diet, and the most important thing about your diet is to avoid eating when studying.
  • Keep your hands away from munching activities and take food when you are taking a break.
  • It is better to walk for a few minutes after each meal before you start to study.

5. Keep Yourself Enthusiastic

CBSE school in Gurgaon gives a few tips to their students for getting good output from their study time. Whether you study for a long or short period, the output should be good. Students start with good enthusiasm but sometimes lose interest over time. To avoid this, keep yourself calm.

  • Do meditation in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Fix your bedtime and stick to it because sleep is very necessary.
  • Keep encouraging things around your study table. Motivational quotes will keep you on track whenever you feel distracted.
  • It is not possible to do multiple tasks – almost everything at the same time. So, don’t force yourself. Make a timetable and allot time for everything.
  • Keep yourself neat and clean. Cleanliness makes you feel fresh. Pragyanam school teaches the students to keep themselves clean.

6. Once Again, Sleep Is Important

Yes, if you want to study, getting enough sleep is necessary. Never ignore your sleeping hours. It is essential to take a good eight-hour sleep to keep your brain working for long hours. Also, take naps after a few hours of study time to keep your brain active.

Caffeine helps in keeping you awake but consuming more of it will deteriorate your sleep quality, and after a few hours, you will feel tired; hence, it is better to avoid caffeine. Take a small amount of it only when very necessary.

Several Tips from Pragyanam School to Actively Study for Long Hours:

  • Wash your face and eyes at regular intervals to feel fresh.
  • Relax your eyes at regular intervals, especially if you are studying with the digital tool
  • Do not extend study hours too long
  • Do not do heavy exercises or you will feel tired
  • Avoid unhealthy diets and take fluids at a regular interval.
  • Do not avoid urination.
  • Keep the lights calm and bright. Too low or too bright can affect your eyes and make you sleepy. It may also lead to a headache.
  • Those who use spectacles should limit their studies to avoid pain in the eyes. They should also give regular rest to their eyes.

Studying for long hours can be easy with disciplined behaviour and an organized schedule. Ask your family members to be cooperative when you study and do not take the stress. If you enjoy your study and stay confident, you can complete all your goals. Happy studying!

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