As a parent of a growing child, one of the first things you need to teach your kid is proper discipline. Now we all know disciplining a child won’t happen overnight as it does take a lot of time as well as patience, but the fact remains that the challenges and tactics faced while disciplining your child don’t change much over time. However, you would still need to make sure your communication style and approach suit your kid well. Remember, even though your kid isn’t little anymore, he still needs your love, guidance, limits, and superstition. Now, if you are wondering how to discipline your child, then keep on reading.

10 Types of Discipline Strategies For Your Child

Here are some healthy discipline strategies that will effectively help teach children not only to behave well but also lead to healthy development without causing any harm:

how to discipline kids

• Set limits by having consistent and clear rules explained to your children well in a way that they can understand and follow easily.

• Teach your kids about the differences between right and wrong by talking to them calmly and being an example yourself. Because remember, children follow and learn what you do more than what you preach.

• If you have been confused about how to discipline kids well and haven’t been able to do it properly, then chances are you aren’t listening to your kids at all. Listening patiently to what your child is saying is an important tool to watch and recognize those misbehavior patterns and have a proper talk about these patterns with your child.

• In case you have been wondering how do you discipline a disrespectful child who isn’t ready to just sit and listen to you, then let them know firmly the consequences of not behaving accordingly. For example, let your boy know how important it is to properly wash their hands and feet after they come home playing from the outside. Let them know that if they refuse to follow this, then they will not be allowed to go out to play tomorrow.

Something that you as a parent need to remember here is to stick to your words without giving in just after a couple of minutes. Also, remember, do not punish your child by taking away their meal in such scenarios.

• One of the most important tools for disciplining your child has to be giving them the proper attention. This helps reinforce good behaviors while discouraging others. Remember, at the end of the day, all kids want attention from their parents.

• One of the most effective positive parenting tips you can ever get is to reward your child by showering them with praises when they do something good. This is an easy way of making your kid understand the difference between good behavior and bad one.

• At times praising good behavior and ignoring bad behavior can be an easy way to make your child understand good from bad behavior. So simply put, reward when she is behaving well and ignore when she is behaving badly, provided she doesn’t end up doing something dangerous. For example, if she keeps breaking her toys on purpose, make sure she understands that she will have no more toys to play with. This way, soon, she will understand and realize her bad behavior and correct it.

• No matter how much you want things to go the way you want, there are going to be times when your child won’t behave properly or even listen to what you are saying. How do you discipline your child in such situations? Well, plan for such situations by preparing some fun activities for them and let them know how you want your child to behave.

• Sometimes, all you need to do is redirect your child’s bad behavior because children are unpredictable. There can be times when your kid won’t behave accordingly just because he/she is bored. To distract them by giving them a break or letting them play and watch their favorite show instead of forcing them to do something in particular.

• Lastly, let’s talk about one of the most important types of discipline tools which are called a time-out. Use this tool when your child breaks a certain rule. How does this tool work? Well, first tell him to stop and then warn him and give him a time out while making sure they understand what exactly they have done wrong. Keep them removed from the situation for a couple of minutes, and then let them come back when they feel they can be in control again of their emotions and behave properly. This strategy will help not only discipline children but also practice and learn self-management skills.

The above-mentioned discipline ways are sure to help develop good behavior in children. Remember, always try rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior harshly. Refrain from using any form of physical punishment like slapping or spanking your kid. Also, do not yell or shame your child, as this will only lead to damaging mental and physical health. Remember always, love is the way to go when disciplining your child.

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