Good eating habits are imperative for children to enable them to achieve their optimal physical and mental growth throughout their growing years.

At Pragyanam, with our in house cafeteria, children are offered nutritious meals that ensure their wellbeing. The diet plan is created by a qualified nutritionist and includes a variety of cuisines that keeps the food appealing to children. Great care is undertaken to ensure that different food groups that offer a variety of essential nutrients to children are included in the menu and that the menu is revised every week. We make sure that not only do parents not have to worry about their ward eating balanced meals while at school, it also relieves them of having to plan the meals and saves them precious time and effort.

Good eating habits demand that we inculcate the practice of zero wastage of food in our young learners. While globally, a whopping 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually, we want our children to be sensitized to this fact and not be a part of this wastage.

Meal times also offer coachable moments to teach appropriate table manners to our children.

We pay utmost attention to hygiene and sanitation. Our mess tables, floor and the entire premises are thoroughly cleaned after every meal. Special attention is paid to hand hygiene. While pandemic protocol demands that the children maintain social distancing while eating, despite that, we ensure that meal times remain fun and bonding time for children.


WPratiksha Hospital

The Nutrition And Health department will take care of the following :

  • points Menu planning (seasonal) for students with portion control for different age group.
  • points Health talks for students and parents on a range of nutrition and food issues
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