Pragyanam School Celebrates Young Literary Talent at Student Author Talk Event

Young Authors Take Center Stage at Pragyanam School

Pragyanam School in Gurugram hosted a vibrant Student Author Talk event on January 19th, 2024, celebrating the creativity and dedication of young literary talent. The event, organized by the school librarian, showcased the works of four remarkable student authors:

  • Shri Ram Gupta (Seth M R Jaipuria School, Lucknow)
  • Snigdha Swaroop (Maurya School, Gurugram)
  • Reeham Ahmed (Pragyanam School, Gurugram)
  • Aahana Mathur (Apeejay School, New Delhi)

Captivating Readings and Inspiring Journeys

The students were mentored by renowned author, poet, and publisher Sahana Ahmed, known for her works, including “Combat Skirts”  and “Amity: Peace Poems.” The session featured captivating readings from the student authors’ books, transporting the audience into their imaginative worlds. The guest authors also shared their journeys from aspiring writers to published authors, inspiring the Pragyanam students.

Engaging Q&A Session and Encouraging Remarks

An engaging Q&A session followed, where the Pragyanam students actively interacted with the mentor and guest authors, asking insightful questions about the writing process and the world of literature.

Vice Principal, Mr. Yathartha Verma, delivered an inspiring closing speech, encouraging the students to nurture their literary passions with determination. Certificates and mementos were presented to the guest authors in recognition of their contributions to the literary world.

Recognizing Achievement and the Power of Storytelling

Certificates and mementos were presented to the guest authors to recognize their contributions to the literary world. The event concluded with a heartfelt thank you to all participants, highlighting the power of storytelling to inspire and unite.

Pragyanam Encourages a Culture of Creativity

Pragyanam School takes immense pride in promoting a culture of creativity and expression among its students. The Student Author Talk event served as a platform to celebrate young voices and encourage a lifelong love for literature.

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