Pragyanam Robotales!

Code, build, and conquer with Pragyanam’s Saturday special event on Robotics.

The world is changing at a pace we’ve never seen before, and technology is leading the way. As parents, we want to ensure our children are not just passive consumers of this digital revolution but active participants and creators. That’s why Pragyanam’s Robotics Lab offers an excellent platform for students to explore the multi-disciplinary field of robotics, encompassing mathematics, physics, electronics, mechanics, and computer programming, and we organize Workshops regularly for non-Pragyanam students.
The future belongs to those who can harness the power of technology. The robotics workshop is where young minds will take their first steps into coding, engineering, and problem-solving. Through hands-on activities, they will build and program their robots, gaining invaluable skills that will serve them well in our increasingly digital world.

What do we do in Our Events on Robotics?

Apart from the enthralling workshops and challenges, children can also:

One of the most significant benefits of events like these is the opportunity for children to connect with peers who share their interests. The companies formed at this event could be the foundation for future collaborations that change the world.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with showing off a creation you’re proud of. This event provides the perfect platform for your child to showcase their robots and innovative ideas.

The event activities are designed for fun and learning. Children can develop necessary thinking skills, learn to solve complex problems, and understand the value of teamwork in a dynamic and enjoyable environment.

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