CBSE Examinations are considered as one of the toughest exams that could bring a certain degree of pressure among students. Most students across all age groups tend to get anxious towards the nearing of the examination dates. This further impacts their focus and eventually their results as they develop the fear of performing well in exams. However, with the right approach and preparation, students can get the load off their shoulders much in time and be stress-free. These CBSE exam tips by the top CBSE school in Gurgaon, Pragyanam School, will help students ace their exams and improve their performance.

For students preparing for CBSE board exams, these tips will come in very handy because they are expected to have a strong preparation strategy as their board results lay a solid foundation for their careers ahead and for seeking admissions in prestigious colleges.

We do understand that each student is special and different in his/her own way, and hence, we have prepared these tips and preparation strategies keeping in mind the diverse needs of students in today’s time to help them improve their focus, boost their performance & exam preparation, and score optimum mars in the CBSE exams. Let’s get started!

Make a study schedule

Planning is key to doing great things! Thus, the first and foremost activity that students must do in order to start their exam preparation is to create a proper timetable and study schedule that is to be followed diligently. Schedules help us stay disciplined and remain focused that ultimately helping us in achieving our goals. While you are working on setting up a timetable, make sure you have answers to these questions:

● What are the subjects that I have a strong hold on?
● What are the subjects that I find difficult?
● Am I taking adequate breaks in between my study time?
● Am I sleeping well?
● Am I compromising on my appetite?

Studying for longer hours can cause you to exertion. It is vital to have a minimum of 6-8 hours of sound sleep, take breaks to relax, eat proper meals, stay hydrated, and most importantly, study at a constant pace so that you have time to cover all the subjects and topics before appearing for the CBSE exams.

Conducting self-assessments

Self-evaluation is a great way to practice what you have already learned in your CBSE exam preparation. In today’s internet age, a lot of resources come handy which can help students get easy access to sample papers, previous years’ CBSE exam papers, mock tests, and the like to get a better understanding of their grasp on the particular topic or subject. This will not only help students gain confidence but also improve their exam preparation strategies to further plan their study schedule.

To conduct self-examinations and assessments, students can set an alarm on the clock and time themselves while solving papers and try to complete the question paper within the stipulated time limit to work on their speed and assess their overall conceptual clarity in the given subject. Once the papers are solved, you can self-check your answer sheets and analyze your preparation level and work on the scope of improvement areas accordingly.

Focus on understanding rather than mugging up

Many times students tend to mug up subjects they are less interested in or subjects that are highly theoretical like geography, history, political science, etc. A major chunk of the syllabus for such subjects involves a wide range of dates important patterns, chains of events, processes, and the like. But mugging up pages can only be done to a certain degree. Students who practice mugging up subjects can forget important points while writing examinations or mix up events which can further negatively impact their results.

Instead of this practice, students must focus on understanding the logic behind the particular topic. For example, if a student has to learn a set of events including important dates & timelines, he/she should find out why that event happened, what exactly happened in the chain of events, how it happened, what was the impact, and so on. Reading the entire story and dividing them into smaller frames will help you to develop a deeper understanding of the given topic and learn things in a smarter way. This way, you will remember the key points in the topic in a much better way and will be able to put them in words while solving the CBSE exam.

Make time for revisions

Preparation for CBSE examinations should be done much in advance so that students have ample time for revisions of each subject. When you are creating your timetable, you can divide your subjects into categories theoretical and non-theoretical. Once you have the list of subjects, divide your days and set a pattern for yourself in such a way that studying doesn’t become mundane for you. For instance, you may pick history as a subject on Monday and then schedule Maths for Tuesday, English for Wednesday, Physics or Chemistry for Thursday, and so on. Alternatively, you can divide your day between 2 subjects and pick one theoretical and one non-theoretical subject each day depending upon which subject requires more attention.

And while you study and learn these subjects, make sure you have at least 2 weeks’ time to conduct revisions of each subject each day before the final day of your CBSE examinations arrives. With the top CBSE school in Gurgaon, Pragyanam, you get ample resources for your exam preparation and guidance to plan your time accordingly without getting any jitters down your spine as the final examination dates approach.

Relax your mind, take a breather

Experts suggest that studying in chunks and taking frequent breaks is the right approach when it comes to exam preparation as opposed to the general stigma that studying for longer hours will give you better results. Do not feed too much to your brain that it becomes difficult to process things. There are so many ways you can relax your mind like:

● Going for a walk
● Meditating
● Playing a sport
● Exercising
● Listening to music

Even a short break of 10-15 mins in between your studies will help you not only calm your mind but also stay fit, active, and relaxed to better focus on your future study preparation.

Brush up your writing skills

Writing is an essential part of your preparation strategy and even giving examinations. How you articulate your answers at the time of giving exams is key to scoring good marks. But at the base level of your preparation, you can leverage writing as a tool and hone your skills to memorize your answers more effectively. This is because when you write down your prepared topics, the key points somehow stick to you for a long time helping you in obtaining optimum scores in the CBSE exams. Another benefit of writing your answers while the exam preparation is to improve your pace and maintain the accuracy of the topics you have learned. So, if you really wish to work on your results, write them out!

Preparation for CBSE examinations

Do not hurry when it comes to finishing subject studies faster

Preparing for multiple subjects and topics at once can be overwhelming for students and is an uphill task. So it is vital for you to not burden your brain with too many thoughts and instead, exercise your brain in a more constructive way. Gain clarity of thought and set realistic goals for yourselves including daily, weekly, and monthly targets. Do not rush your studies and try to cover as many topics as possible in the shortest span of time. Give your brain time to process one topic at a time and stay focussed. Studying too much in a single day will only increase your confusion and you will lose the grip on your ability to grasp things. Plan your study timetable in a smarter way and try to cover maximum 2-3 subjects in a day with a limited set of topics.


Examinations should be that stressful for any student. As a student, you must realize that any form of examination cannot determine your capabilities and strengths. Rather, these are just a way to validate the understanding of students in the previous year. So, instead of getting anxious and burdening yourself with the performance pressure of exams, you should take them as a challenge and put your best foot forward to showcase your learnings or efforts contributed in the past year.

When you seek admission to the best CBSE school in Gurgaon like Pragyanam School, you will receive ample support from your teachers and guidance that will help you in preparing for the CBSE exams. Always remember, all your hard work and determination can go in the bin if you fail to attempt the final exams properly. Follow these exam tips and figure out your improvement zones where you lag & work on them. If you just focus on these simple tips and follow them diligently, you will see a dramatic change in your overall approach towards preparing and attempting examinations along with the result that awaits you towards the end of the exams. All the best!

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