Most people will vouch for the fact that their school days have been instrumental in shaping them into adults as they are today. Come to think of it, while we largely associate schools with academic development, the importance of school transcends academic excellence alone. It is one place where a child truly discovers himself. It is where he builds his first relationships outside of the family. Done well, a school is also a safe place that teaches those important life skills that help the child navigate the real world. Let us look at some aspects whereby the school contributes to the holistic development of the child; for the importance of education lies beyond academic excellence alone!

Academic Growth

The primary responsibility of the school is to of course ensure the child’s academic development. The school ensures that academically each child reaches his highest potential. Engaging teaching methods, trained & passionate teachers, and a conducive learning atmosphere are only some of the factors that go into ensuring a child’s academic growth. A progressive school realizes a child learns through multiple intelligences & that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can work. Given the confines of the syllabus & the need for a standardized marking system, progressive schools find a way to encourage the unique gifts of their students & help the students explore their potential.

child’s academic development

Social Development

A school is typically the place where children learn to socialize and experience positive social interactions. In turn, these interactions with fellow students & teachers set the ground for their future. It is here that children develop confidence, practice empathy & compassion, learn to set boundaries for themselves & more. The role of the school in the personality development of the child is, therefore, immense! Additionally, critical life skills such as regulation of one’s emotions, stress management, critical thinking, problem solving & more are learned in the school portals amidst the many interactions that the school offers.

Research has shown that brain development is shaped by consistent, supportive relationships. A school goes a long way in providing an environment where children feel emotionally & physically safe and where they feel connected. The connections made in school, in fact, transcend school life, with us developing lasting friendships that withstand the ravages of time & responsibilities.

Broadening Horizons

School is the place where the child is exposed to a multitude of cultures, points of view, and more. In fact, a school offers a great lesson in a plurality of thoughts & views, something that is so important to shape the child’s worldview as also to build a society that is far more inclusive and accepting.

The importance of school education also lies in the fact that besides academic learning the child also picks up a whole lot of other aspects be it sports, volunteer work, debates, music, and more that shape the course of her life & may even set the stage for her professional career. With physical education being an intrinsic part of the school curriculum the child tends to develop a healthy body & mind, besides improving focus & concentration.

By empowering students through experiential & empowering teaching methodology, schools can also go a long way in creating a culture of self-reliance & independence that can stand the child in good stead throughout the life. The impact of the school on the development of a child’s personality is therefore far-reaching.

development of a child’s personality

To Sum Up

The biggest gift that a school can give any child, beyond offering him or her the opportunity to earn good grades, is to instill a love for learning in the child. Once bitten by this bug, the child is sure to go from strength to strength. What is important here though is to note that research has proven that children do better and are more engaged with their schoolwork when schools and families work together. It is imperative therefore that as parents we develop a strong partnership with the school. It is when school and parents work harmoniously that children are likely to rise to their fullest potential. In fact, when school and home foster the same values, parenting also becomes a whole lot easier.

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