How Pragyanam School Became a Preferred School In Gurgaon within 3 years Of Its Launch

It was over 3 years ago when the launch of Pragyanam School was envisioned in Gurugram. Anyone who knows millennium city well, also knows that it is dotted with a number of schools. What then, was the need for another school? Pragyanam School Became a Preferred School In Gurgaon within 3 years of Its Launch

‘Pragyanam’, which means wisdom in Sanskrit, was founded on the fundamental premise that the objective of learning in the 21st century is to raise conscientious individuals who live fulfilling, meaningful life. This is the exact reason why the need was felt to develop a school with a “Life Skills based Curriculum” where subjects are used as a medium to develop life skills. Founded by IIT-IIM alumni, the concept of Pragyanam was envisaged by the same group that runs Footprints Childcare, a preferred preschool that has over 80 centers in India.

True to its vision, within 3 years of its launch, the school has emerged as a top school in Gurgaon and is highly preferred by parents. Not only do parents rely on the school for the child’s overall development, they also envisage the school as their parenting partner. Here are some distinctive features of the school that have led to its carving a strong niche for itself:

Life Skills-Based Curriculum

The success of education is in preparing the child for the road ahead as opposed to trying to prepare the road for the child. The Life Skills Based Curriculum at Pragyanam School, is focused on nurturing the 10 life skills recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). These skills such as self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, decision-making, coping with stress and more go a long way in ensuring that children live up to their full potential. To achieve this, the educators at Pragyanam go through an extensive 6-week training program not just to equip themselves with these tools but also to undertake a journey of personal transformation.

Focus On Holistic Development

The school places a strong focus on the all-round development of the child. To this end, the school has state-of-the-art indoor & outdoor sports facilities. It is a testament to the sporting culture prevalent in the school that the students of Pragyanam have won several accolades in prestigious sporting events. Some of the recent achievements of Pragyanam students in the sporting arena include:

  • Earning 14 medals, including 5 Gold Medals, in the 33rd Delhi State Championship
  • Winning whopping 16 medals in the sub-junior 17th Taekwondo championship.
  • Gaining the first position in the Gurgaon Youth League
  • Being facilitated with a silver medal in the Football league tournament

The winning streak of Pragyanam students continued unabated in other areas as well. The children of Pragyanam won as many as 7 Gold medals of excellence in Science, English, and Math in the recently concluded Olympiads organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation.

Besides academics, the school has an unstinting focus on extra-curricular activities as they have a strong role to play in the holistic development of children. In fact, active participation in an activity that the child is passionate about is known to positively impact brain function.

Personalized Attention

It is extremely important that in the growing-up years that are fundamental to the child’s overall development, personalized attention be offered to the child. In running the rat race, we often tend to forget that we are dealing with individuals in their own right & not just a homogeneous class that needs to simply work on getting top ranks. At Pragyanam, a healthy 1:10 teacher : student ratio ensures that each child gets individual attention to bloom completely.

Other aspects such as taking care of the well-being of children by way of offering them nutritious meals, is central to Pragyanam’s philosophy. Great care is undertaken to ensure that different food groups are included in the menu. Not only is the menu nutritionally sound, but it is also appealing to children.

The children are also encouraged to practice zero wastage of food, a habit that is best learned early.

Pragyanam School- Food court Image

Teacher Development

A school is as good as the quality of its educators. At Pragyanam, there is an unstinting focus on educator capacity building. Not only does the school pride itself on recruiting the best teachers but also on ensuring their continuous professional development. Little surprise then that the retention rate of teachers is extremely high.

Extended Day Facilities

With the rise of working parents and nuclear family set-ups, it is extremely important that the schooling partner also offers a safe place for students for extended hours. The extended day facilities at Pragyanam not just offer this safe space, additionally the Pragyanam Enrichment Program (PEP) takes a deep dive into activities such as theatre, visual arts, dance, music, reading & physical education as per the child’s interests.

To Sum up

“ Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”- Albert Einstein.

At Pragyanam, our focus is to make students fall in love with the process of learning and for them to grow up as conscientious individuals who can sift right from wrong.

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