How Pragyanam Is Preparing Students For Success In The 21st Century?

Look around for people who you think are successful in life and you will notice that they may or may not have been academically brilliant in their student life, they may not even have done exceptionally well in sports. All of them, however, have some skills in common. These are what are referred to as “ life skills”; skills that are absolutely imperative for success in the 21st century. These individuals are capable of thinking critically, solving problems, communicating effectively, can cope up with stress, they are fairly self-aware, and a lot more. it is important to prepare students for success in the 21st Century.

As we live in an extremely volatile world, it is extremely important that children are prepared for this VUCA world. This means equipping them with skills such as self-awareness, empathy critical thinking, decision-making, coping with their emotions in the face of challenges, and more. It is students who are equipped with these skills early, who will go on to lead fulfilled lives in adulthood, undeterred by the rough winds around them.

Life skills for students

Little surprise then that the World Health Organization lists the following life skills required to live a happy life:

✔ Self Awareness
✔ Empathy
✔ Critical Thinking
✔ Creative Thinking
✔ Decision Making
✔ Problem-Solving
✔ Effective Communication
✔ Interpersonal Relationship
✔ Coping with Stress
✔ Coping with Emotions

One look at these skills and you realize how important they are to ensure that the child is not buffeted by every wave that comes his or her way. These skills broadly fall into three categories:

Thinking abilities- These include the ability to analyze situations and come up with alternatives in a creative manner.

Social skills – These include the ability to communicate effectively, forge healthy relationships and interact meaningfully with others.

Emotional skills- These include being self-aware and comfortable in your own skin and effectively dealing with emotions.

It is when these 3 skill sets converge that one lives a meaningful life, and lives up to one’s full potential.

The important bit is to be able to impart these skills correctly and in an age-appropriate manner from childhood. These aren’t skills that can wait till one becomes an adult and miraculously learns them. It is the small measures taken right from the formative years that lead to the formation of a well-rounded personality that can take to all these issues with ease. This is exactly the task Pragyanam has taken upon itself. One of the few CBSE schools in Gurgaon to impart Life Skills based education, it is effectively preparing students for success in the 21st Century. Pragyanam believes in making the formative years of students, count! In fact, ‘Pragyanam’ which means wisdom in Sanskrit, has been founded on the core belief that the objective of learning in the 21st century is to raise mindful, individuals who root for competence and aspire to live a life of fulfillment. At Pragyanam, therefore, academic subjects are used as a medium to not just enhance knowledge but also to develop life skills. In fact, the many activities undertaken in school are meant to nurture these life skills and prepare students for success.

The dissemination of these life skills is undertaken through:

✔ The courseware, which consists of a mix of NCERT & other guiding texts
✔ Activities such as dance, drama, theater, storytelling, and more
✔ Regular showcases

In fact, there is no dearth when it comes to learning. Nature and the people around have a lot to offer. It is through interface with all these elements that these life skills are imparted to children and their life experiences are made, richer.

Overall, a conducive learning environment at Pragyanam nurtures independent minds using their Life Skills Based curriculum. Students are also assessed on these skills comprehensively. For this reason, all Pragyanam educators go through a rigorous 6–weeks training program to equip themselves with these tools and also to undertake a personal transformation journey of their own.

Additionally, Pragyanam lays a lot of emphasis on the holistic development of the child besides developing academic prowess. The school has excellent indoor & outdoor sports facilities that are aimed at offering state-of-the-art exposure to children. Little surprise then that many students have gone on to win several prestigious sporting events at the district & national levels. More than just accolades, these are learning experiences for them, that teach them the principles of goal setting, time management, and teamwork, among others.

It is on account of this overall approach & a forward-thinking vision that the school has been awarded “Best Emerging School in India” by BW Education. With both academic & non-academic activities that are designed to meet the developmental needs of students, it stands to reason that the school is considered one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon. Founded by IIT-IIM alumni, the school’s vision is to nurture independent, creative minds. In fact, the school does not aim so much to teach, but to help develop a love for learning and to create learners for life who are filled with curiosity.

The focus remains on the joy of discovery, making real-world connections, and nurturing life skills with intention! Here’s to raising a new generation of learners for life!

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