Let us face it, we live in a world that is replete with distractions & where we have limited attention spans. Being a student in such times can come with its own challenges. After all, when studies require you to be focused & when you have so many distractions vying for your attention, you may face issues. With a little help from technology (yes, that very aspect that, at one level, is adding to distractions!), you can stay focused & organized. Here is a handy list of tried & tested tools and apps for student success.

At Pragyanam School, we love for our students to be technologically savvy but also to use technology responsibly. Read here to get a list of tools and apps for student success that will come in handy.

Time Management

The one issue that most students face is around time management. With so much to do academically, along with pursuing your passion & maintaining a balance, you may often feel overwhelmed on account of the paucity of time. Here are some time management apps that will stand you in good stead.

Google Calendar

One of the most practical apps to use, it is available by way of a web application as also to users of iOS as well as Android. There can be no better way but to input all your commitments, be they classes, extracurricular activities, deadlines & more, on the Google Calendar. What adds to its ease of use is its clean interface. You can also easily set up reminders so that you are on top of your schedule. Time management wasn’t easier!


Scheduling tasks, setting reminders, and overall organizing your time can be easily done with Notion. Once again, it is available as a web application, as also for iOS & Android users. With the app reminding you of your assignment deadlines, peace of mind is a given!

Stay focused

If you have been wanting to amp up your productivity but, at the end of the day, find that you have spent far more time on social media than you intended to, you sure need some help! With these apps, you can shut out distractions and stay focused on your work.


This app takes the cake in terms of its creativity. Essentially what it requires you to do, is to plant a tree, virtually, of course. As you continue to work uninterrupted, the tree that you planted in the forest continues to grow. However, if you leave the app, the tree dies! What is also lovely is that the company plants real trees too. The app, therefore, works for you & for Mother Earth!


Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? Essentially, what it recommends is that you undertake 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks. This method is said to be very effective when it comes to your productivity. With the Tide app, which is available on iOs & Android, you can set up Pomodoro-focus sessions. It also allows you to play calm music as well as white noise, further helping you concentrate. Additionally, the app also offers you daily quotations to keep your motivation levels high!


With the Motion app, you have the ability to block sites like Facebook & YouTube, allowing you to concentrate on your work. What you also get are customized reports to tell you the time that you spent online and how much of it was productive. Though it is a paid app, there are free trials with several features available.

Best App for Students

Taking Notes

Do you like to keep your notes organized so that you can look them up easily and revise them when you need to? If so, there are several note-taking apps that will be of interest.

Microsoft OneNote

Just as you have different physical notebooks for different subjects, OneNote allows you to keep digital notebooks. You can type your lecture notes, can even record voice notes, and more. It gives you the feel of a paper notebook yet adds to a number of conveniences. Use it on iOS, Android, or as a web application.

Note Taking Apps for students


If you speak of Note-taking apps, there just has to be a mention of Evernote! Besides note-taking, it allows you to create your to-do list, save web articles & more.

Group Projects

Should you have to execute some group projects, here are some handy apps:

Google Hangout

Allowing video conversations with as many as 25 people for free, you can discuss your group projects at length with Google Hangout. While you are working together, you can also add everyone as contacts on Google Hangout to be able to chat. The Screen share option allows you to share your screen with members and make coordination easy.

Group Projects App for Students


With the Dropbox app, you can store files in the cloud and access them from anywhere, as well as share them with anyone easily. Creating a shared folder for those group projects allows people to add & copy what they need. You also get alerts when someone adds a file to the shared Dropbox folder if you set up an email alert.

To Sum Up

As a responsible digital native, it will work well to use technology to your advantage. With these tools and apps for student, you can put technology to work for you. Other than these technological aids, do remember to follow some basic old-fashioned productivity principles such as:

  • Follow a routine. There is no substitute for a disciplined life. Eating right, getting enough sleep, and following a healthy routine is key.
  • Remember to have a clutter-free, distraction-free zone to study. Choosing a spot where you are least likely to get interrupted is key. In case you need to work in busy areas, tools such as noise-canceling headphones will come in handy.
  • While we often stress multitasking, research shows that it is overrated. You may actually tend to lose focus while also depleting your energies. Instead, staying focused on a single task works much better.
  • Last, but not least, remember to take regular breaks to ensure you do not reach burnout.

Here’s to making the most of your student life….and soaring ahead!

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