What is Transfer Certificate

Should your work involve re­gular relocations, leading to frequently switching your child’s school, a Transfer Certificate­ (TC) from the existing school becomes immensely critical. Commonly referred to as TC, this documentation is significant as it ensures seamless integration into a new school environment.

This blog aims to thoroughly explain all the­ crucial details related to this indispensable document.

What is a Transfer Certificate (TC)?

Firstly, let us shed light on what exactly a transfer certificate is. A Transfer Certificate is a document that is issued by an institution for a student who is leaving the institute. It broadly contains the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of Parents
  • Date of Birth
  • Program studied/time spent at the institution.

The TC also mentions whether the candidate has cleared all exams and paid the fee. In addition, the TC also says the student’s conduct and often serves as a conduct certificate.

Benefits of a Transfer Certificate

Below are some of the benefits of a Transfer Certificate:

  • Serves as proof of education in a previous institution.
  • Often serves as a conduct certificate.
  • Acts as a no-dues certificate.
  • Helps with future academic opportunities.

In simple te­rms, a School Transfer Certificate acts as proof that the­ student has formally left the pre­vious school and fulfilled all necessities appropriately. This crucial paper allows the stude­nt to register in the subse­quent educational institution. The primary role of a TC is to guarantee that a student is solely associated with one specific school at any given moment.

To receive a TC, it is important to formally notify the authorities of your ward’s decision to leave school. You, therefore, need to write a formal letter to apply for a transfer certificate. Typically, the things to include in your application are:

  • Reason for application of the certificate
  • It is best that you specify the date by which you need the certificate. Of course, it will help to give sufficient time to the school.

Overall, the application for the TC must be worded formally and end with a concluding line thanking the authorities.

Benefits of a Transfer Certificate

Sample Application Letter for a Transfer Certificate


The Principal,
(Name of the School), (Location)

Date: _

Subject: Application for Transfer Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that my son/daughter (name) has completed Grade __ from your school. However, my professional circumstances require me to relocate, so we are required to move into the —————- (name of city).

Following this, I would kindly request you to issue a transfer certificate for my son/daughter and would be obliged if the certificate could be issued by —————-(date). I further affirm that all the fee dues have been cleared.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support rendered to my son/daughter throughout the years that he/she has spent at (School Name).

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,
Details of Student:

Things to keep in mind before applying for a Transfer Certificate

Before applying for a Transfer Certificate, ensure that you have taken care of the following conditions:

  • All the fees due have been cleared.
  • Your son/daughter has returned all the school belongings.

What should you do after getting the transfer certificate?

Once you have received the Transfer Certificate, you may need to inform the new school regarding the receipt of it because their admission process might require you to affix the TC along with the other necessary documents to fulfill the admission formalities. You must know all the documents/formalities needed to make the admission process seamless. The new school, for instance, may require you to submit complete academic records of your child as well. If you need the transcripts/report cards and more from the previous school, it is best to request those in time, as well.

To Sum Up

A Transfer Certificate or a TC is proof that a student has left an institution. It is required to be taken from the school that you are leaving and to be submitted to the new school. The application for TC must mention the reason for applying for it and politely state the date you require it.

Here’s hoping this solves all your queries concerning a Transfer Certificate. May your ward embrace the change and be open to new experiences as they move to a new school.

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